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Join Cindy Ingraham Keefer on Italiana Tours

Cindy Ingraham Keefer is a professional ceramics artist, sculptor and teacher. She has exhibited in galleries Los Angeles as well as made large public bronze sculptures. The pottery wheel is her first love, and the dynamic firings bring excitement to the process. She has provided restaurants with her beautiful tablewares, and homes with lovely sculptural vessels. Inspired by art history and natural beauty, she enjoys learning methods and techniques that achieve the beautiful results in her artwork. The culture of Italy surrounds itself with art that is both useful or just to be adored. You will be visiting the birthplace of the decorative Majolica style of ceramic art in Urbania, Here you’ll be transformed into being an artist of the Renaissance times, enjoying the culinary arts as well. Each of us will learn what it takes to create our own Majolica tiles and decorative art for you to bring back home.

Join us for the experience of discovering the lifestyle of the studio artist and Cindy will share her joy of teaching you the methods to achieve your personal best work!

Dates and Pricing

$3,399 per person ($800 non refundable deposit)

October 14-20, 2020


Non artist discount of $350. Piero will be your guide as you explore opportunities to see surrounding historical villages, horseback ride, golf, visit a Roman archaeological site, visit nearby festivals, visit the Church of the Dead, take a bell tower tour, discover sunflower fields or just drink with the locals!


  • Private transfer to and from Rome FCO airport (*see time stipulations)

  • 6 nights accommodation with breakfast included

  • 5 Lunches and 4 Dinners with basic beverage service, including wine

  • Welcome aperitivo

  • Day trip to the “FestivalSant Angelo in Vado

  • Day trip to Urbino

  • Entrance to the Ducal Palace with guide

  • Entrance to Raphael's childhood home

  • Entrance to the “Domus of Myth” and the “Museo dei Mestieri” in Sant Angelo in Vado

  • Exclusive 5 day ceramic and painting class with Cindy Keefer and local ceramicist

  • Week-long private guide with Certified International Sommelier

  • Private transportation between towns

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